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Top 7 Simple and Efficient Hacks to clean the phone

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Top 7 Simple and Efficient Hacks to clean the phone
In this fast-paced world, we do a lot of live sessions, videos and still shots without videos. Besides these, we spend half a day without mobile irrespective of the tight scheduled we are in. Now you can anticipate the dust or the necessity to clean your mobile.
Have you ever cleaned your mobile? Are you still thinking that are least bothered to clean? Here you will know the cleaning hacks as well the types of dust piled on your phone. Yes! It is volumes more than that piled on our brain in the form of laziness.
Microfiber Cloth: We are used to clean the screen with any handy cloth. While it might help for a while. The best way to do the cleaning is to use the Microfiber cloth or the lens cloth that you have in the house. These cloths don’t spread the dirt. While you use the paper towels, there is a chance for the scratches on the screen with this method of cleaning.
Try with Scotch Tape: you can get these tapes and peel it off as you stick them to the screen. All the dust, oil and small flakes of dirt will be coming with the tape itself.
Cleaning Kits: There are also several other cleaning kits that are available in the market. These cleaning kits are equipped with the microfiber cloth, sprays and some essential cleaning wipes in large number. These kits are worthy to try.

Heard about UV light Cleaning?

Yes, while the solutions with alcohol cleaners cause harm to the mobile. You can try the UV light cleaning. Phonesoaps UV charger is one such product which cleans the phone in just a second. This is considered as the safe method as well.

While Tired!! Use cases:
If you are not interested to clean the mobile often, you can also go for the cases that protect the mobile. These are helpful to safeguard from the dirt especially while you go out. Even the rime or dust doesn’t reach near the edges of the mobile. You just must clean the case once a while. You phone will be brand new besides providing you additional grip.

Compressed Air to Some Extent Helps:
Canned or compressed air is used to remove the tiny and stubborn dirt stuck to the mobile. But this sort of cleaning hurts the tiny circuits of the mobile. So please be careful while you are cleaning the microphones and other speakers.

Antibiotic Putty:
In order to clean these sort of very fragile areas, one can use the antibiotic putty. This putty is inserted within these tiny spaces and taken out with care. The tiny unwanted dirt comes with the putty. Just simply knead the putty inside for few seconds. You are done, remove it and you will end up with clean speakers and microphones. Knead gently so as not to do any harm to the circuits.
Say yes to these simple hacks of cleaning and a strict no to the paper wipes or alcohol-based products.

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