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7 Charging Mistakes that kill your Phone Battery

Written by Lavanya

Check Out these Simple 7 Charging Mistakes that kill your Phone Battery

We are in the world where the mobiles have replaced our spouse already. At this instance, it’s a sad part, if the battery is getting throttled gradually.
Do you know that there are chances to reduce the battery life just by charging high? Yes, here is your guilt story of killing battery just because of your charging mistakes.

Don’t Fry your Battery:

If you are keen on looking at the number 100%charge for your mobile, then you are just frying the battery. As per the experts, battery performance is best when it is charged at 30%-80% level. Your mobile outperforms even at a charge of 30%. While you are looking for battery optimization, the best option could be using the power bank. If there are no power inconsistencies in your area, then just charge your mobile only when needed.

Charging Trap for Phone Cases:

While giving the surge for your mobile battery, here is another blunder all of us do. We purchase phone cases just to ensure safety for the mobile. But if you are not removing it while charging, it might cause more harm than safety. Mobile emits heat while charging, when you don’t remove this case, the same heat effects the battery. So, make it a habit to keep the case only when the mobile gets cold.

Keep your Mobile Cool:

It doesn’t mean you have refrigerated it! Because of intense usage or for another reason, if you feel that, your mobile is heated up. Stop using it unless it gets cool. We all know that the performance decreases while the mobile got heated. Enhance your phone life by keeping the battery young.

Don’t let your Mobile Completely Die:

We are so obsessed with our phones these days. There are many of us who charge only when the mobile completely die. This could affect the battery life as the lithium, ion battery might get volatile at zero percent. But the experts also say to drain the battery just once completely for better calibration.

Harm with Wireless Charges:

All of us are used to travel often these days. We are also used for mobile cases and wireless chargers. All these add up more heat to the mobile. So, make sure not to use these excessively when not really required.

Use the Right Charger:

By this, we mean to use the charger which you get with the mobile. These chargers are designed to curtail excessive charging. They are also good at cutting back the power flow when the battery is fully charged. But while you are using some other chargers, there are issues with overcharging. This might lead to reducing battery lifetime.

Never Neglect the Backup Mobile:

If you are happy with your new mobile and just using the old for the sake of backup. Ensure to leave it charged. If the battery gets completely drained out, it might get into deep discharged state. In these instances, you can use the phone only when it is plugged in.
All these are the seven simple mistakes which we can avoid while charging the mobile every day.

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