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Simple iPhone Care Tips to Keep Your iPhone Working Like New

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Simple iPhone Care Tips to Keep Your iPhone Working Like New

Any single scratch on your iPhone will zap your patience. Yes, we react to this extent and it is our love, compassion for it. In fact, we cradle our iPhone to a newborn.
Here are some interesting tips to keep your iPhone new even after its many new siblings enter the market.

Clean the Screen: If there is a gradual sound degradation which you might observe, then it is time to clean the clogged pores of the mic and speakers. Say adieu to your audio problems by cleaning the speakers with canned air and rubbing alcohol. Be aware while doing these as these circuits are too fragile. Use very little alcohol as there are chances for the fluid to get into the speakers.

Solution to Scratches on Glass: We all know that skin protector is so thin. It is obvious to replace it often as they get wear out so easily. But you can try using the skin protector and as well a hard case. These options help you to keep your iPhone new for a very long time.

Usage of Lint Free Cloth: Lint free cloth helps to wipe away dirt completely. Even though you have the safety case, there are chances for the dirt to cause harm to the exterior. So, take it out often and clean the exterior case. It is not advised to clean the screen with the solvents or aerosol sprays for any cause.

Invest in screen Protector: It is always wise to invest in the screen protector. Otherwise, you end up in grief if there is any scratch or break on the screen. The best screen protectors include the ZAGG shield as this protects all sides of the screen. Based on your budget, you can even go for the front only screen protector. Don’t think of using these screen protectors for a long time. Try replacing them every 3 to 4 months so that you will be able to keep the iPhone new for a very long time.

Over Heating Matters Always!
Ensure you are not using or placing the iPhone in the temperatures above 100 degrees or below 40 degrees. It is common that iPhone emits heat after or while getting charged. So, make sure to switch it off and use it once it gets cool. On the other hand, if you find that the iPhone is getting heated for so long, then it’s time to take the same to the apple store.

Are you Using Car Charger?
Using a car charger for the iPhone is not recommended. But you can do so when it is emergency or essential. In this regard, make sure that you are turning on or off the car while the iPhone is plugged into the charger. Doing this might create electrical spikes.
All these are the simple tips which are essential to follow to enhance the lifetime of your most favorite iPhone. Follow them to have a new look even after using it for couple of years.

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