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Expert Advice to Fix your Water Damaged Smart Phone

Written by Lavanya

Whatever might be the cost of the mobile which we are using, we just feel completely lost it slips into water. Unless it is some waterproof smartphone. In just few fraction of seconds, we feel devastated and thrown away from the world as this mobile stop working. Have you been into such situations?

If yes, you might be knowing what to do to fix the smart phone. And if you are lucky till date, here is a short guide that helps you for your wrong time.

Take it Off Water Immediately:

Remove the phone from water and switch it off immediately. You can also take the battery if possible and place it on paper towel. Even though you think your phone is water resistant, it is always advised to follow this simple step to enhance the life time of the mobile. Dissemble the phone and remove all the user removable parts for sure.

Dry with Vacuum Cleaner:

Try using the vacuum cleaner or paper towel to suck off the water present in the mobile. Take the paper towel to dry the exterior and every possible component. Even while using vacuum cleaner or paper towel, make sure not to move the mobile aggressively. Try using the smallest vacuum cleaner possible.

Magic with Bag of Rice:

Give the wet phone ample time to dry and don’t be in a hurry to use the same. It is after you ensure all the phone parts are no more wet. Put the mobile in the zip lock cover filled with rice for a couple of days. You can also use silica gel instead of rice if this is readily available with you. This is because both rice and silica gel are good at absorbing the humidity in the air.

Accept the Reality:

After leaving the phone for a two to three day in the zip lock cover, it’s time to take it out and test your luck. Recharge it if the battery is empty and check how it’s working. You must keep an eye on any irregularities in its functionality. There are chances to observe these irregular or abnormal functionalities even after second or third day of its usage. So, you are patient and check your mobile with proper attention.

Spend some time to check for the speakers, microphone, earphone etc. to ensure your mobile is in proper condition. In most of the cases, everything goes well. But when you are not lucky, you might take this to the professionals like Shatterfix for their impeccable service. If you have the mobile insurance, you can even claim the same and not burn your hard-earned money.

Always remember not to turn in the phone immediately as it slips into water. Ensure you resist not to press any button or keys and never bang the phone out of your emotions. Don’t shake or blow on it as water might get into internal parts as well. It might cause more damage. Also, don’t get too creative like heating the mobile or microwaving it. Just follow the above simple methods.

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